Thursday, 6 August 2009

Ze bungalow itself

Can't call it belvedere, reminds me too much of Mr Belvedere!

K back to the bungalow.

(Hmm mommy. I thought this was about the house.)

The following, of course, isn't about the house either, but about the gazillion ladybugs everywhere. According to the newspaper it was quite a ladybug year. Good I didn't read they were actually biting, because there wasn't enough food for them.

The kitchen had a wonderful view.

Baby slept here.

(mMmmm tastes ok.)

Rumor has it that the owner of the bungalow has Denmarks 2nd biggest record collection, next to Danish TV. A tiny part of it was in the bungalow.

There was so much nature on the site.

The pictures are not at all in random order! NoNO!


The bungalow is quite old, and not built all at once, but small patches have been added over the years.

The view from our bedroom.

There were books everywhere! Everything from the classics, through the crime classics, to Donald Duck, in Danish, German, Swedish and French.

Cozy describes it quite well.

Bah! The last picture, and I ran out of something to say!

Except that we really enjoyed it!

Monday, 3 August 2009


We're back! From a summer bungalow or belvedere according to my dictionary. First of all: Picture highlights!

I'm way to tired to write anything right now. Later.