Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The longest post like eva.

The first few pictures were taken last weekend, on the first real autumnwalk we did with teh bebeeh.


(Let me stand here and contemplate a bit.)

For some unknown reason, the baby can walk up all those steps without a problem, but his legs hurt when he has to walk up the stairs at home. Grmphh.



And then we totally stole this cool American trandition:

(Daddy, we forgot a bit. Here.)

(Mwuahahahaha, I look nice, but i eat bebeeeeehhsssssss)

(I'll see u again as soon as you sleep. Mwuahahahahahahaha.)

And then we were eaten by monsters approaching with The Fog.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Some baby likes other kids now :D

But lets start out with other pictures.

The composition is totally stolen from Jakob.

Well, at least he likes one other kid. This was the first time he really played with Lisa, instead of looking at her like some annoyance. Actually he seemed at bit in love, he couldn't stop touching her, preferably rubbing his head on her back.

(I think I can catch some fish here.)