Sunday, 10 February 2008

Who would have thought a shop like this existed!

I saw a small advert in the local Nørrebro og Nordvest newspaper about a shop selling fabrics close by. That I had to check out, especially as I am planning a new quilt. It said in the advert that it was hidden in a backyard, so I didn't expect much. I was surprised. It is huge, so huge, that I have to use capital letters to describe it: HUGE! When you go towards it you can see one room, and think that's it. When you enter this smallish room, it is filled with gorgeous fabrics, and it had lot's of yarn too. But then you see there is a bigger room filled with stuff too! And when you enter this, you see there are even more rooms, and they are so large they cannot be called rooms any more, a hall might be more appropriate (or possibly some other english name I don't know). It's gigantic! And it is filled with wonderful stuff in every corner, both for knitting and crocheting, but especially for sewing! It not only has yarn and fabric, but all you can only dream of, of zippers, thread, buttons... I know there are some danish readers of this blog, go check it out! And then at same time you can look at the new location of ungdomshuset

The address is (if I remember correctly):

Frederikssundsvej 88
2400 København NV
in the backyard, but you can see it from the street.

Here I am, gazing at some yarn:

and here is the yarn I bought: