Friday, 12 March 2010

What annoys me endlessly are

- parents who don't vaccinate their children.
- parents who don't vaccinate their children and quote Jim Carreys wife.
- people who think that because it grew on a tree once it isn't dangerous. Seriously, I have a plant here, please eat it.
- This is part of the above one: Tea tree oil. That shit can give you some bad allergic reaction.
- homeopathy. Bwuahahahahahahahaha you belive in it, bwuahahahahahaha. Well at least it doesn't hurt.
- People that are afraid of fat and sugar. Especially the type: Danish woman in her fifties that looks like a skeleton and preaches that thou arest to not enjoy thous life.
- BLW. One woman has promoted it, that woman earns money through it. Enuff said.
- Granola women who think everyone should do as they do, and who are so stupid I want to hit them on their head with a hammer.
- People who are against the granola movement, and who are so stupid I want to hit them on their head with a hammer.
- Violence. Ahem.
- Everything else alternative medicine. If it'd work it wouldn't be alternative. Placebo != it works.
- Medicine is usually only tested on young white men. Fuck you, not good enuff.
- Men, especially male teachers, who think boys are smart and girls are hardworking.
- Men who talk too much in meetings. "I just have one short remark"
- People who don't have children and want a 1 yo to sit quiet in a corner and play with his toys. Paalease.
- Parents who think their crotchfruit should be able to express himself at all times. Fuck it, discipline that kid.
- People who think the word "fuck" is da evil. Or "crotchfruit".
- People who think atheists are evil. No wait, that is just hilarious, actually.