Tuesday, 22 May 2007

First entry!!!

Soooo... This is my first entry. I've been reading knitting blogs for several years now, so I thought it might be interesting to have my own. I've been knitting all my life, but only after I started to read other peoples blogs did I get really inspired to try something more challenging than socks. I bought a sewing machine a year ago, so I'm still a beginner. Entries are more interesting with pics, so here is a 
pic of the quilt thingie I made a few month ago.

Hmm... Why is the pic at the top of the entry and not where i want it to be?

Other interstests I have, and that I prolly will blog about are books and cooking.

At the moment I'm reading Black Swan Green by David Mitchell, which is an absolutely amazing book, and Orhan Pamuk, Snow, which I find kinda hard to read, but I almost finished it, so I wont stop now!

There wont be much cooking today because I've been to the dentist and can't really eat :(