Tuesday, 29 May 2007


There they are! Hundertwasser socks! Knit and reknit several times. Now they are perfect, but unfortunately its wayyy too warm to wear them.

Just kidding of course. Its really nice weather and I love that! To proof my point I'll show you a semi-bad picture of a flower:

In book news, I finished reading Orhan Pamuks "Snow", but wasn't impressed. I never really liked the main character or at least found him interesting, and even tho theoretically i believe a book can be good without this, I prefer other books. The chapters were too long for my liking, so I usually stopped halfways through them and consequently the next time couldn't remember where I stopped. I read the book in German, and therefore don't know if it was the translation that was bad, but throughout the whole book I found the language wasn't flowing very well.