Sunday, 21 October 2007

What I bought in Germany (and more!)

As always when I'm in Germany, I bought a lot of things that I cannot get here in Denmark, the most important thing being good sock yarn. Really, what wrong with Denmark, why don't they have good sock yarn??! I also bought a lot of food stuff, and tea:

When I paid for the tea, the shop assistant asked me if I still had my Teelamass. Errr. o_O Wot? When I said "no" she gave me another one for free, so here it is:

And the sock yarn:

I bought a LOT of strange things for baking and cooking:

I finished the big white blubbb, and can positively say I hate it and will never wear it. Also it will get my personal award for worst written pattern encountered so far.

I did start something new immediately: