Sunday, 28 October 2007

This blog is not dead!

But my computer is... So I'm writing from my bf's computer, who uses kubuntu instead of ubuntu, argh! It is my work computer, so I assume they either fix the problem, or I'll get a new one. I do plan to buy a new computer though, the tinygigacute eee pc my bf told me about yesterday, which I have been dreaming and talking about ever since. It weighs only 920 g! Omf!

There has been some cooking, and I even managed to take pictures of it! The first is some oven-baked beetroot and onion, which afterwards was mixed together with some bulgur and feta. Mmm.

The next one was a tuna sandwich thingie, that looked real good and tasted like shit. Ah well, you can't always succeed.

Because we both have been ill there hasn't been that many "walk with me in autumn", but we managed to go for a little walk today (on our way to grocery shopping).
I know I know, every other blogger or so prolly says the same, but the colors really are beautiful at the moment!

Most of the pictures were taken around the pretty Bispebjerg hospital.

Some of the trees had lost most of its leaves already.

This is the main building of the hospital:

Look at the contrast, gray and red, so nice!

Views of Copenhagen.