Tuesday, 6 November 2007

A little bit of this..

.. and a little bit of that.

I have been reading, but no good books unfortunately. I started and stopped reading two books, and then I ordered a gazillion new books from the library. It usually only takes a day or two for books to arrive at the local library, but now a week has gone and no books have arrived... PØH! There has been a lot of cooking, and some of it even tasted good! But most of the time I just ate the food, and forgot to take pictues of it first...

I did take a few pictures recently, so here they are.

First off is some sweet and sour dish. mMmmm. The recipe is taken from the magazine Mad! which I btw recommend. Really, it's good, most dishes taste ok, are not too expensive, and it's even possible to find the ingredients.

Next thing is an apple cake thingie, which I only ever make late in the evening, when I realize I don't have chocolate, but instead some semi boring apples. Butter, sugar and flour is always in my kitchen, and vupti there is a cake. I tastes good too.

The following pictures doesn't really need any explanation I guess...

I am the biggest Christmas enthusiast ever, I love all this gold and silver and the food and the cookies, and the spices and everything. So I bought a Christmas cooking book for myself. It's so good! And it has wonderful pictures in it. It combines two good things, Christmas and Camilla Plum.