Friday, 22 June 2007

Holidays mwuahaha!!!

I'd really like to know how they succeeded in writing on that building? From the roof hanging head down???

When I came home from work yesterday there was this huge parcel form Amazon waiting for me! Yuhuu!!

It was mainly filled with air...

But deep down inside there was this:

The Crafter's Companion, and Jane Sowerby's Victorian Lace Today! Even tho I was really tired I started reading both yesterday, and they are soooo good! The pictures in Victorian Lace are so beautiful, and the Crafter's Companion is very inspiring!

The next pictures I prolly have to remove again, but until someone protests loud enough for me to hear (hej Leena :D ) they will be here!!
Before holidays started there was a last day of hard work:

But as soon as we opened a bottle of white wine it was all so much more fun XD