Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Walk with me (in Utterslev Mose)

Yesterday I my dentist tortured me (checked my teeth). And told me it will be a verrry expensive summer, even though I didn't have any cavities. It seems my old cavity fillings don't sit as good as they used to, so something painful and expensive has to be done :( ... Oi!

Afterwards I needed something to distract me from that, so my bf and me went to Utterslev Mose, and took 1 gazillion pics.

At some point we had to get off our bikes, because of those geese. We were slightly worried that they would attack us.

Doesn't this look idyllic?

Actually you could here a motorway, as it is in the middle of Copenhagen, and walking a few meters, you could see this:

It continued to alternate between beautiful and ugly.

Mostly beautiful though!