Monday, 11 June 2007

Not much knitting

There hasn't been much knitting because of the reallyreally nice weather, but blogging is fun, so here some pics of other things.

My appetite is never affected by hot weather, even tho my mother (hallo mor :D ) used to say that "one isn't really hungry when it's hot". Which meant that we didn't get a real dinner that day and instead had something like buttermilk with zwieback (ewwwwwwwww).
Well, I need real food! Every day. Here is (part of) what I had yesterday, bread from the baking machine with avocado cream-cheese and tomatoes, and sweet-n-sour pasta with vegetables.

I still live on a big construction site, and will continue living on a construction site for the next couple of month, as they are re-doing the whole crossing. This is of course a good thing, as they will plant some trees, and make it more safe and quiet, but right now it is HELL !