Monday, 13 August 2007

Sweden part 2

The next day we moved on, stopping shortly at this camping site:

But quickly realizing it was way too crowded. We moved on, and found the perfect spot. Near Askersund.

We spent one day in Örebro, where I forced my bf into every bookshop there is. Besides that the is this castle thingie, and not much else...

The last day we spent at Tiveden National Park. We thought the 6 km walk was perfect for us, not realizing it was 6 km climbing! And then we walked the wrong way at a point when I already was so tired I just wanted to get out again. Nonetheless it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. My bf took a lot of pics, so enjoy them!

The next day we drove home again. The weather slowly turned from bad to worse. Two times we drove off the motorway because we simply couldn't see anything, but u can't always get off a motorway, so for quite some time we drove without being able to see much, as u of course can't just stop on a motorway! Nightmare!