Monday, 24 September 2007

Long time no walk with me !

As mentioned before, work has been crazy, so I haven't been on many walks. Yesterday we decided to take a long walk instead of the usual Sunday shopping.

We started at this unusual church. Unusual for Denmark that is, as most churches here are small and white.

Walking away from the church towards the churchyard you get to this impressive alley. The churchyard is on either side of it. In the background you can see a huge multi-storey building.

At the end of the alley is Utterslev mose, the most nature like area in walking distance from where I live.

A view at the church.

The weather was fantastic, showing off brilliant autumn colours everywhere.

Before it gets to idyllic of course, here some other pictures of our neighbourhood. After spending some hours in the beautiful surroundings of Utterslev mose it almost hurts to see building like these: