Friday, 14 September 2007

This will be about food and work and

Lets take the food first. Autumn obviously means good food. It means my type of food. My type of food can best be described as "herzhaft". MmmmMmmm. Minced meat and white cabbage in soy sauce.

And now to that work part... I had to go to a 3-days course about .. well dunno what it was about, but it sucked! Especially because it was away from home, and unlike similar courses and conferences in other types of jobs, the accommodation was bæ! It was on a boarding school for future farmers. The food was really bad, the highlight being a slice of sausage, deep fried together with a slice of cheese... The students there were very different from the ones I teach in Copenhagen. A lot of them were overweight, and nice clothes definitely wasn't the main priority. So unusual to see for me! I couldn't stop laughing about this poster, informing about championships in using tractor!

Finally some pictures where one can see us working, and a picture I took in one of the few short breaks we had.