Saturday, 21 July 2007

At my brothers part 2...

But before we start with today's program, lets have a little commercial! If u do have a trashy chocolate taste, u should try these:

Ritter Sport SommerSorten, that can only be bought in Germany, or at least u can't buy them in Denmark, so I asked my parents to import some. They are soooooo goooooood! But that's enough commercial break, lets start with WalkWithMe:

The weather was good, so everything looked so idyllic. The trees on this picture are only are few hundred meters away from my brothers house, and they are C H E R R Y trees! How nice is that!

If u follow the road a few more minutes u can see the water:

It was harvesting time, which of course also meant that we could hear them harvest from early in the morning to late at night, but it also meant that there were views like this:

In the evening we went for a short walk too: