Friday, 6 July 2007

This and that and sewing

It is SO nice to be on holidays, why can't they last like forever? I've been baking a little, and cooking. I tried crazyauntpurl's recipe for fried okra.

We ate it with cream potatoes and left-over meat. All together it was a nice dish, the potatoes were perfect, but I'm not entirely convinced about those deep-fried okra thingies. I'll have to try them again tho!

It has been raining a lot, but the flowers on my balcony still look pretty.

One of the things I like about knitting is that it is so tidy, you have a little yarn and some needles, and maybe a knitting book lying around, and that's it. Sewing on the other hand mean total chaos in our small apartment. This also means I don't start on sewing projects when I'm busy with work for example. Also I started sewing only about a year ago or so, when I got my sewing machine, so this prolly makes it more chaotic.

Well it started quite innocently:

And now it looks like this o.O