Sunday, 22 July 2007

At my brothers part 3...

As it was harvesting season we saw a lot of these:

This is really as Danish as it gets, and if I lived in the countryside I'd probably think it was boring, but I live in the middle of Copenhagen, so I took a picture of it:

Look at the colours, so pretty!

When we had been out walking for quite a while we had the choice between walking all the way back, or hoping for a short-cut, and there was this small road that led in the right direction, but had a sign saying blind-end... We took the chance, and the road led us past this house:

It actually led very close past this house, and kinda looked like a private road, so we didn't linger to take good pictures, but even on this less good picture u can see it had a really nice courtyard.

My brother and I drove to Præstø for shopping. I kinda like this picture of my brother:

I was way too lazy to get out of the car to take some good pictures, but it is still possible to see how smalltownharbourindenmark-idyllic it is:

We went for one last walk, this time through the forest:

Looks nice, eh? What u can't see of course is me trying to run away from all the insects that were attacking me, so I was quite happy that there were some pretty openings everywhere:

And suddenly we could see the water again:

One last walk through forest, and then... what is he doing? O_o I wonder if I have to remove this picture again if bf is protesting (too much)

The last evening I was the chef. So here a few picture of us (sans me tho) before going home: