Friday, 20 July 2007

Long time no blogging!

There is a reason for that, as I've been visiting my brother for a couple of days. There will be a lot of pictures! So lets start.

My brother lives in this perfect little 2-rooms house.

There is a huge garden, with a lot of fruit trees and all kinds of plants and flowers (and insects).

I have never seen this plant thingie before, is doesn't seem to have any leaves:

And of course when u have a huge garden, u have to have one of these:

Inside the house there are two rooms, and a perfect kitchen:

The most amazing feature my brothers house has, however, is the view, where u also can sit and read for example:

And here we are, enjoying a chocolate cake. Hej mor og far, I er på nettet :D !

There are lots more pictures, more tomorrow!