Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Walk with me (to a sewing shop)

There actually has been some progress on construction site 1:

Construction site 2 on the other hand still looks like this:

Even though there doesn't seem to be any progress, they do make a lot of noise. And so do our new neighbours.

So I thought I'd go for a walk.

This house is just around the corner, I'd loooove to own it. Obviously it doesn't look like anyone lives there at all, but there is a sign saying that there is video surveillance!

Probably the ugliest building in Nord-Vest is the Novozymes building, so I thought it was kinda funny when I saw this:

Unlocking the magic of nature? Æh?

I also find this mormonchurch thingie rather spooky:

And yet another strange church. Also some mormon thing?

What I did like was on the other side of the road. First I thought it was a flower shop, so it immediately caught my interest. The I realized it was no shop at all, it was just filled with flowers. But when I got even closer, I realized it was filled with all kinds of bird as well!!! Unfortunatly I wasn't able to take any pictures of the birds.

All around Copenhagen, hidden behind ugly new houses, there are houses like this one, really old, and u prolly wouldn't want to live in it, but so beautiful:

In contrast to huge villas like this one: