Thursday, 12 July 2007

Comment challenged!

It seems I am a little bit comment-challenged. I have for example no idea if there is any way where I can see on blogger when I get a new comment. Shouldn't I get a message or something? Worse was when I tried to write a comment on amber's blog, cos she has some really great pictures, and I L O V E good pictures. That was not possible though, I got a message that I had to write name and email-address first, even though I had done so already... I did try this two times with the same result, then I stopped. The reason I stopped was that I had a similar problem when I tried to post a comment on Uffish's page. A similar problem, but not the same, here it seemed the browser froze, and when I opened a new page to check if my comment was there I could see it wasn't. So I tried to comment five times or so... When suddenly there my comment was... five times... Æhem... Well I guess I made my point clear to her 8-)