Tuesday, 24 July 2007


There has been some knitting! I finished a pair of plain socks. Nice colour!

And then I started knitting the Alpine Knit Scarf from my Victorian Lace Today book. I totally ignored that it said "experienced lace", and consequently ran in to trouble... with the first stitch. The first stitch of every row is slipped, not knit, with the instruction "slip purlwise with yarn at wrong side". This I did for a couple of rows until realizing that it makes two different edges. Ææææh.... I did check the net and finally decided to slip with yarn in front at every row instead. Dunno if that's what was intended, but it sure does look better.

I finished Håkon Nessers book. Really nice relaxed holiday reading, and a pageturner for many couple of hundred pages, but like many crime novels, it disappoints at the end. I started reading Marilynne Robinson: Housekeeping. Love it.