Saturday, 14 July 2007

Walk with me 4

This is what it looks like when me and my bf go for a walk. We have 2 huge cameras, and we have to stop everywhere because we take pictures of different things.

I, for example, take pictures of flowers and trees. I would like to have a tree like this one in my (imaginary) garden:

I do not own a garden or a house, but if I could pick freely, I just might live here:

It is actually so green, it looks kinda frightening? No, if I really could pick n choose freely, I'd probably would live here, in the Algol house:

It even is situated (hmm what would that be in real english?) on a nice street:

If I had a garden I would have a tree like the following, it looks like it could talk, like something out of a fairytale:

And I also would have those flowers, love 'em!

We felt rather adventurous for dinner yesterday, so we bought kangaroo steaks. I did like it more than my bf who thought it tasted a little bit like liver.

I did finish the vest thingie I was knitting, and I absolutely hate it. I hate the color, the shape and I never even liked the yarn. Æhem. But its finished!